Simon Stückelberger

Simon Stückelberger

Political Scientist


I am interested in political communication by political parties and I am particularly focusing on online campaigns and advertisement. In on- and offline campaigns I am interested in the way political parties position themselves towards social groups - supporting certain social groups such as women or workers, and criticizing others such as immigrants or employers - and how they select some of those groups as priority target groups for their campaign. I maintain, a website that provides an overview of how Swiss political parties use political ads on Facebook and Instagram.    
I hold a PhD degree from the University of Lausanne and have worked as a postdoc at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Since spring 2023 I work as project manager for Sotomo, a Swiss company that conducts quantitative studies in the field of social science and politics with a particular focus on population surveys.


in case I don’t see you: good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.

  • Election campaigns
  • Political parties
  • (Micro-)Targeting
  • Group appeals
  • Representation
  • Phd in Political Science, 2019

    University of Lausanne

  • Msc in Political Sociology, 2013

    London School of Economics and Political Science

  • BA in International Relations, 2011

    University of Geneva


Research Articles

Stuckelberger, Simon and Anke Tresch. 2022. “Group Appeals of Parties in Times of Economic and Identity Conflicts and Realignment.” Political Studies. / Download

Stuckelberger, Simon, and Jelle Koedam. 2022. “Parties’ Voter Targeting Strategies: What Can Facebook Ads Tell Us?” Electoral Studies 77.doi: / Download

Stuckelberger, Simon. 2021. “Mobilizing and Chasing: The Voter Targeting of Negative Campaigning – Lessons from the Swiss Case.” Party Politics 27 (2): 341–50.doi: / Download


Stuckelberger, Simon. 2019. “Group Appeals in Electoral Politics: Comparing Party Behaviour in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.” PhD Dissertation, Lausanne: University of Lausanne.


Stückelberger, Simon. 2021. Einblick in die Facebook-Werbebibliothek — Die online Kampagne zu den Vorlagen vom 13. Juni 2021. DeFacto, 11. Juni 2021.

Stückelberger, Simon. 2020. Angriff ist die beste Mobilisierung: Negative Kampagnen und ihre Zielgruppen. DeFacto, 19. Mai 2020.



BA Seminar on Swiss politics (“Das politische System der Schweiz”), Fall 2019 - Spring 2022, Goethe University Frankfurt. Syllabus

BA Seminar on election campaigns (“Wahlkämpfe im internationalen Vergleich”), Spring 2020 - Spring 2022, Goethe University Frankfurt. Syllabus